You know the feeling when you look right for the right occasion. Those moments when you know that you're rocking it!.......and you don’t want to go home because not enough people have seen you yet!!!
We also know how frustrating it can be when you can’t have what you want to be delivered to your doorstep at a click even though you have what it takes to get it. Well, that’s what we are here for.
With trendy, classic, exquisite, formal, sporty, casual we have you covered. At BQ Emporium, we care about the image you project through your look because most times all you get is 2 seconds to make that right impression, and we've got your back!!!
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My name is Bernard Quansah, a pharmacist from Ghana, a current Doctor of Pharmacy candidate at The Ohio State University, and the CEO of BQ Emporium.
BQ Emporium, founded in 2015, was inspired by my passion for travel and world fashion; from Paris runway to the street style of Barcelona. It was started initially as a means to just sell quality but affordable products while generating extra income to support my family (siblings and parents in Ghana) while still pursuing my Doctor of Pharmacy degree.
Fashion has always been a mysterious part of my life. I find myself subconsciously dressing people and analyzing their outfit anytime I meet them. I love to get what I want in its best quality and at an affordable price; this is why I got into E-commerce.
Entering this E-commerce space, I thought that if I could get my customers (whom I consider as a part of my family) what they need at the price that matches their quality taste, then it would be an achievement and a success story for me; I love to serve and to put smiles on other people’s faces.
BQ is the initials of my name (Bernard Quansah), and it is actually deeply connected to a family company name that I plan on establishing in the immediate future: BENFJAD GROUP OF COMPANIES. The 'BENFJAD' is the initials of the first names of my siblings and myself.
Together with my family and the team that will get to work with me, I seek to establish an independent pharmacy to serve my community and beyond. I also plan on establishing a research institute whose primary focus will be on infectious diseases, especially in Africa and its environs (Ghana being the lead or pivot country); and a clinic or hospital to reach the underserved communities.
Last but most importantly, through philanthropic activities, BQ Emporium serves its community by giving 10% of their sales to support the fight against childhood cancer (leukemia). This has not been the only social contribution that our company has been offering. The CEO has been supporting kids by sponsoring their tuition to the best of his ability on every level of education in Ghana, his motherland.
Your support; your purchase, does not only give you the aesthetic appearance in elegance that you desire and deserve, but it travels the world to support several kids in diverse ways.
                                               Bernard Quansah