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The history of women’s clothing is truly a mark of fascination. It reflects social customs that used to forbid womanhood from doing things they wanted to do freely. For instance, the purse or bag that they carry now was initially only a pocket under their skirts/garment, which was also considered as an undergarment.

When it came to light that women carried handbags to carry personal belongings, ditching the use of those conventional inner pockets, society interpreted it as obscure or vulgar. As the years have passed the accessory has evolved with the incoming of innovative fashion-ideas.

Women's Designer Handbags

With the evolution of modernity and fashion, women now enjoy the liberty of expressing themselves, their bodies and de-constructing the social taboos that hitherto seemed to have marginalized them in the past. Speaking of fashion, we shall discuss the evolution of women’s designer handbags in this space, keeping in mind the most popular ones on the market.

We’ll take special references such as women's designer handbags by and others to know more about the best in modern fashion, and also understand the significance as to why such accessories become markers of strong-independent-feminine expressions.

Women's Designer Handbags

Jewelry Stubbed/ Diamond Designs

Precious stones are enhancers of feminine beauty. Moreover, according to fashion enthusiasts, diamonds enhance the appearance, bringing in more charm, one that captivates the attention of everyone within public spaces.

Jewelry also becomes symbolic of how precious women’s bodies are. Getting such designs on purse/bags will only add towards a distinctive personality, one who doesn’t want to conform towards mediocrity. A lady is empowered to express her strong feminine self through such creative and precious designs.

 Designer Handbags for Women's

Furry Designs/Faux Furs

The Fur is a symbol of elitism and royalty. This is because during the era of the monarchy the queen used to adorn herself with animal fur. The entire royal family used to adopt such a fashion sense, including the kings, ministers, so on and forth.

But what’s interesting about the queen’s attire is that it creates an entirely different persona. A goddess likes a feature that simply captures the fascination of all her followers. The incorporation of fur into handbags or even clothing is to add this ingredient of elitism, hence an attire that escalates the sense of self-power and pride that one has.

However, with the growing consciousness of animal justice acquiring real fur is not legal in most parts. This is where Faux Fur is used. It’s a material that resembles real fur and bears no difference at all. It is an effective step in manifesting that elegant feature without posing a threat towards animals.

Designer Handbags

 Leather Designs

The Leather used to be stereotyped as a marker of masculinity during conventional times. But incorporating it to feminine accessories only uplifts the features of strength and empowerment. In other words, people might have been astounded with ladies wearing leather jackets in the beginning but towards the end, this phenomenon helped in breaking that status quo.

Leather as a symbol of strength gives more power to women in expressing themselves. So, such designs in purses or similar accessories become an enhancer of the overall appearance, making one look bold and beautiful.

Designer Handbags for ladies

Retro Designs

Many people prefer vintage looks and the classical way of fashion. It creates a unique distinction in this modern era and in-fact revives certain memories of the past, such as the age of renaissance or perhaps the age of rock and roll.

Retro designer purses or bags bring back the past vintage montage to the wearer, thus creating a distinctive personality during a time where everyone goes for popular tends, hipster fashion ideas, so on and forth.

 BQ Emporium

Box/Cross-Back Designs

We went through ideological contexts and historical contexts. Now, let’s have a look at the efficiency of carrying such accessories. The box designs are well-shaped and are sized proportionately to look classy as well as contain a large number of personal belongings.

This design is a best-seller because of its size and productivity.  Students prefer using it for going to college/carrying textbooks, and employees don’t need to carry extra bags when they move out from home since the bag already covers up a lot of their documents/files. It becomes very handy and stylish for the carrier.

These are the five most popular designer bags that are quite trending on the market and now you know why such a high demand for such accessories exist. Ranging from history to the evolution of fashion and expressive ideas, such accessories have enhanced the overall feminine personality. 

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