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Gaining popularity in the 90s, hoodies have never been out of fashion since then. A consideration towards the chill in winters or whether just a style wear, hoodies have been a popular fashion trend for men. Although they are a very casual piece of clothing because of its athletic looks and tones, they are versatile enough to make a fashionable dressing sense.

With the onset of winters, men’s hoodies are a perfect choice for a layering over shirts, making you comfortable in the chill and at the same time giving a great and a gorgeous look.  Fabric, fashion, design, and comfort are endless with men’s hoodies by bqemporium.com. Let us have a sneak at the various types available from which you can choose your pick to take your fashion statement to the next level.

The Zipped and the Pullover ones: Whether a front-zipped one or a pullover style, the choice is entirely yours. Both styles have their own comfort and the ease of use factor that makes them popular. The zipped ones are more casual and can be unzipped when the weather is not that cold but less comfortable in terms of putting the hood on as compared to the pullover type. The pullover types offer more warmth and comfort as compared to the zipped ones but are less flexible as you cannot open it from the front if the weather turns a bit hotter.

The Universal hoodies: a classic one which is just a pullover with a hood and always has a universal appeal to it. With changing time and fashion trends, hoodies have also undergone quite a lot of modification and changes, but the classic ones still remain the same and the most popular ones.

The ones that create a fashion statement: hoodies have been an exceptional choice in terms of garments. As a popular choice of garment amongst youth, hoodies have always been linked to rebellion attitude. There is no better dress than hoodies, whether you want to look elegant or is just in the mood of casual attire.

Choosing the right hoodie

Choosing the right color for you largely depends on your attire preferences and likings. If you are not sure, opt for a neutral colored one as it goes great with all color dresses. The thumb rule in choosing a hoodie color is to go with colors like off-white, grey, ivory or blue, and move to darker shades of black, navy and maroon.

Men’s hoodies have come a long way from only being a sportswear to a fashion article in the wardrobe. A hoodie is a perfect choice to make between an edgy smart look to the most casual one. A hoodie over a pair of chinos, paired with hiking boots is a look that speaks of attitude and volume.

The hoodie season is just around the corner and now that you know how to use them to the best of your attire, try out the vivid range of choices online, at bqemporium.com. With the latest collections and affordable pricing, you will surely get your best pick.

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