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Wider feet? Got it!

Wider feet? Got it!

When it is the matter of shoes, ladies just seem to go crazy about it. It is quite evident in general that ladies love to flaunt their style, no matter where they are and what the occasion is. But, a few years back, it was not the same with ladies with larger and wider feet. They had limited choices and found it difficult to find the right and fashionable pair for themselves. Mostly, they had to get their shoe custom made and often it proved expensive, time involving and limited choices.

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Choose the perfect pair for your feet

In recent past, women’s shoes and shoes for women with wider feet, in general, have seen a revolutionary change. Large feet women's shoes were always in demand. Now, that demand is fulfilled with larger selections, modernism, new designs and instantly available off the shelves.

However, women with wider feet are highly conscious of the size of their feet and want them to appear smaller with their shoes. Here are some tips on selecting the best women shoes for wider feet.

Firstly, avoid shoes with pointed tips. Pointed tip shoes are made for feet’s to look bigger and the design of the shoe is made accordingly. Choose round-tipped shoes. Also, you can double up your fashionable look with peep toes and heels along with round tip shoes. Heeled-shoes and especially wedges give a smaller appearance of your feet and peep-toe shoes break up the line of your feet, thereby, breaking the vision by stopping the eye and creating a short feet appearance.

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Another choice, that wider feet women can go for are darker colored shoes. Dark creates a perfect and smaller look. The same effect also comes by wearing shoes of the same color as the dress. Modern-day shoes come in a variety of designs and materials. Shoes with embellishments like bows, buckle, buttons and other decoratives also give a stylish and smaller look.

As far as style is concerned, there are a large variety of designs, colors, and style available in the market. You need to be careful with the make of the shoe also, like a poorly made shoe can damage your foot and give you discomfort. An aspect to be considered, that shoes should not be seen as merely a footwear, but an object of comfort along with design.   Also, it is important to note that ladies' fashionable shoes should go in accordance with the skin tone outfit that one chooses to wear, as well as the figure of the individual.

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Moreover, when you purchase ladies' shoes for wider feet, make sure that you purchase from a reputable and authentic store, and if you are looking for one, you can shop at BQ Emporium. Select from a wide selection of women's shoes and it will prove to be an ideal destination for all your shoe requirements. They ensure highest quality manufacture and guaranteed satisfaction.

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