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Types of Halloween Costumes and Masks That You Can Wear on Halloween’s Day

Types of Halloween Costumes and Masks That You Can Wear on Halloween’s Day

It is a trick or treat season with 31st October a much anticipated day by adults and kids alike. There is a childish and ghoulish delight one can take in donning various costumes and try to scare the living daylights out of someone. Talk of choices: there are dozens.

The Avengers Hulk Costume for Boys

Skeletons out of the closet

Halloween is when skeletons can come out of the closet and freely roam the streets. Don a Halloween d skull rose printing women costume all in black with blood red roses for effect and set out to surprise your friends and make their hair stand on an end. Dance at a disco with this costume on and see the effect this has on onlookers. Masks with LED lights are just great as are the ghost dance hip hop Halloween masks in white or fluorescent green and yellow.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Joker Cosplay Costume

Vampires and monks

They may not be made for each other but your little girl can wear a full-length gothic vampire Halloween costume, possibly put on false teeth or don Halloween festival skull masks or Friday the 13th Horror hockey masks. Her mom can wear a cloak velvet hooded adult witch costume while little boys can dress up in medieval monk priest costumes or a hooded cloak death vampire costume. It does make for an incongruous party of witches, vampires and monks but then Halloween is about having scary, ghoulish no-holds-barred fun where no one is looking to exorcise demons. You can find these and dead pool cosplay costumes at with affordable prices.  Wear a Halloween adult ghost mask to enhance the ghoulish effect of these dresses.

Medieval Monk Priest Costumes

Light up party masks

Some of the best, outlandishly scary effects can be achieved with the use of dark costumes topped with LED light up party masks, especially at night. Choose white, red or blue light equipped masks and you can be sure the grinning face will send shivers down someone’s spine.

Cosplay Halloween Mask

Angels of a different kind

If all the dark and ghoulish spirits supposedly roam about freely on Halloween night then you can make a difference by dressing up as an angel. The fallen angel costume with angel wings is the perfect choice for girls to appear as an angel of a different kind, the fallen one and enjoy no-holds barred fun. After all, fallen angels do not go about doing good. They can indulge all their dark fantasies on Halloweens and you could be their physical manifestation on Earth. It is a good idea to put on appropriate make up, possibly the fluorescent type to enhance the effect.

Fallen Angel Costume With Angel Wings

Halloween comes around only once a year when just about everyone loves to give free play to their fantasies and go about tricking and treating. Get into the mood with BQEmporium’s masks and costumes and display the right spirit.