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5 Ways To Wear Your Shoes; & Wear Them Right!

5 Ways To Wear Your Shoes; & Wear Them Right!

The modern and contemporary society holds lots of importance towards style, appearance, and looks. When we speak of looks and appearance, how can we ignore the fact that no look or appearance is complete without a set of proper shoes? Whether an active personality or a casual kind of person who has to be in business attire most of his time, a pair of good shoes matching the style is a must for the wardrobe. Though it has been considered that designs and kinds in shoes are for women with unlimited new age choices, men are also not left behind in competing with their female counterparts on designer shoes.

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Let’s look into the latest footwear fashion trend in men, and pick up a few tips on what’s in and what’s not with men’s fashion shoes by Explained below are the latest shoes in the trend that will for sure, help you reach your fashion potential.

  • The Boots: the most common and needed pair of shoes that every man should possess in their collection. Ankle boots are the standard type, but they come in a variety of styles – zipped, laced, buckled and more. Boots are a perfect match for any occasion. It bridges the gap between formal and informal wears. A perfect match for office and the first date.
  • Brogues: often referred to as the Oxford shoes, is a very popular style. It comes in a variety of styles like the pointed toes, or the round toes, and even the flattened toes. Although black makes it all the more stylish, brogues look great in tan, brown and other colors. Men these days also have the option of colored shoes like women. You can wear it with formal or casual dresses. It goes perfectly with a pair of jeans and tees.

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  • Loafers and Moccasins: loafers are the most casual type that is easy to wear and handle. Moccasins are a type of loafers with a different bend. A perfect match with casual wear for informal setups. Loafers can be worn with suits, but a StRICT NO if it’s a highly formal set-up. It goes best with a pair of denim or khakis.
  • Espadrilles: a bit of a cross between sandals and loafers, espadrilles are the most neglected ones. Generally preferred in summers and all because of the rope woven soles and canvas or cotton top, it can also be a buddy with casual wears in any season.
  • Sneakers: are amongst the most preferred shoes of modern time, and all because of its versatility. Its popularity emphasizes its availability in various designs, colors, and styles. One major mistake people make with sneakers is that they mismatch them with their dressing styles. Remember that a sports sneaker look great and good in courts and casual design with casual wear.

Men’s shoes have undergone a sea change in terms of trend and style. If you want to stay updated with the latest in men’s fashion shoes visit our website: In here, you will find a variety of latest designs and styles that you can order online and update your wardrobe.