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5 Handbags Every Woman Should Own Before 40

By Akosua Pepra November 04, 2018 0 comments

It is quite typical of women to own different handbags for different occasions. For any woman, handbags can make or break their outfit. Women who are into fashion and style are aware of this fact and are equipped with some handbags that every woman should own before they reach 40.

With handbags, women should always look for something that is fresh and completes their wardrobeHandbags for women are a way of inspiration that originates from its uniqueness and exclusivity. A bag for women has evolved from being just a fashion accessory to a fashion statement. It holds something more priceless from just a few makeup items and a few currencies – their confidence and poise.

Let’s see the five must-have types that every woman should possess. These handbags collection can be yours from women’s designer handbags by bqemporium.com.

The clutch handbag: the hottest of the entire collection, are usually the ones with no handles or straps. The name clutch is all because these handbags are carried in the hand. A perfect one for any occasion, a woman loves to carry them everywhere. A perfect match with gowns, semi-formal and other evening attire. Small, yet can carry a lot of attitude with it.

The patent bags: a chic for daily use, is a perfect match for a business meet or an outing with friends. The smooth and funk styling of these bags makes it a perfect match for any occasion and outfit.

The satchel: distinctly makeable with its long and large straps, can be hung by the shoulder and dropped across on the other side. It is mainly used by business women to carry official stuff. Girls also use this handbag type a lot in colleges. Today’s trendy and fashionable designs of satchels are used by many women for fashion purposes even though they do not carry much in them.

Hobo: characterized by its crescent-shaped design, the handle length can be adjusted for the purpose of its use. You can wear it over the shoulder, or drop it across the chest line or even let them float over the waist to your hips. A very feminist in its styling, it can be accompanied with casual or formal wear.

The tote bag: often termed as a ‘carrying bag’, it can carry all that, which cannot come in any other handbag. With its ability to match any look and wear, can accompany you to any place – shopping malls, kitty parties, and any occasions or even to your office. Almost all women possess one; it is a must for every wardrobe.

Handbags are a must-have accessory for every woman. Their needs and reasons vary depending on their types and styles. If you wish to know the secrets of looking a million-dollar without spending much, visit us online at https://bqemporium.com/ and grab the opportunity to choose the must-have handbags from an array of wide choices. Let the world know that you have the nudge for fashion and you are in line with the latest fashion trend.

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