Investment tools and the coin of the future (they are already available to everyone and everyone)


Investment tools and the coin of the future (they are already available to everyone and everyone) Today, investing is available to everyone (regardless of the income level you may be or whether you are a 100 or a 500 ruble).This is a big deal! Yes, it is complicated. Yes, you will have to learn a lot.But for the vast majority of people, today is their "turning point" in their financial life.And it's not about the possibility of getting a large amount on the market at the moment (which is what all sorts of magicians and sorcerers "ateigners" and Feng Shui users dream about).This is about what you can do with your modest savings and the fact that you have a coin (or two) that you can use to buy shares at the moment of its fall.We are talking about real estate, stocks, bonds, currencies, and other financial instruments.There are a lot of them now, so get started stay with the price.2) when you buy a currency, you become a "hostage" to its fallThe ruble always reacts very strongly to geopolitical events. And right now, the situation in Ukraine is one of the most dangerous places for the ruble in recent history.Therefore, be prepared for a sharp decline in the price of the currency. even during the most "peaceful" times.3) how Do I protect my savings from fluctuations in the ruble?I recommend you do the following: without falling into the clutches of speculators and hedge the key to a robust investment portfolio. Without such a balanced approach, your savings will inevitably suffer sharp drops (and you will only get a small profit from them).My personal experience: after every new crisis in the economy, I buy currency regularly.Due to this, I receive income every time the ruble begins to strengthen (up to 70% of my ruble earnings).)4) What tools and how much money can I get out of this?There are a lot of options for this. For example, you can buy shares through your brokerage account, or by purchasing index mutual Funds (or ETFs).Or you can go on a "targeted dividend" - buying index funds every month (which I do regularly).I recommend Targeted dividends are good for you:they allow you to earn a passive income (bringing you passive income on investment);they allow you to earn money on the principle of "if it doesn't fall, then it will rise". 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".