7 signs that you're going to get fired soon (and what to do when you're out of a job)


7 signs that you're going to get fired soon (and what to do when you're out of a job) New sanctions are adding fuel to the fire of those who already feel unsafe.And if previously the fire was just beginning, now it is put out "at a very large distance". In this article, we will talk about what you need to do in the coming months to optimize your risks (and find financial support).Pay yourself first (and then your family).Get together and decide who your family is: your main source of income (if you are self — employment, or part-time work in the evenings or weekends);your salary (if you have an additional income at the moment);where you live (or, if you have an apartment, then in another city);how much money is left in your account;how long have you been looking for a new job;how long have you been looking for a job in general (i.e., in all spheres);what is the size of your savings (if any));how long have you been looking for a job (during the previous crisis, during the previous collapse of financial markets, and during the economic recovery now);and many, many more signs.Why are people looking for work anyway?In all the crises, people do not return from the crisis with empty pockets, just as we all hope. We look for work — but there are no vacancies. It seems that good vacancies have not appeared yet. Therefore, it is important for each of us to come to the financial market with a plan " A " — to do this, have a job (in any field) in mind (including the most specialized, such as IT or advertising);investigate all the possibilities for income (including via the Internet);have time to make a personal financial plan, including the possibility of an additional 9-month horizon (this is the so-called "financial cushion").And, as always, the most important thing is to act!1) If the coming sanctions do not allow you to work, then check the Anti-virus self-isolation regime.It is possible that after the cancellation of self-isolation, you will be fired. In this case, you should not wait for your case to be heard before you start looking for a new job. 2) the Third sign that you are losing your job is that his company is not doing well in the current crisis.Third, the coronavirus quarantine has brought down the financial markets (and business activity in general). This has become especially sensitive: Due to the restrictive measures introduced, many companies have been "burned". Thousands of people are losing their jobs and their usual level of income. Therefore, you should not sit "in the trenches" and do nothing while everyone around you is getting poorer and poorer.3) When do you think you will lose your job due to quarantine?Take a deep breath. And exhale. Repeat this one more time. Now it's time to think about your future.Do you know what you need to do to do this? 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills you need to become rich".